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Hands in the dough
That artistic thing...
On being artistic
On being artistic
The Greatest Sound
I must be plain.
I must be plain.
Family, Mosaics and Fun
Just the right word
Just the right word
Things that are unfair
Smile. It's Temporary.
Smile. It's Temporary.
Sarah's Backdrop What is this?
Why? And making Halloween costumes for the boys. And trick or treating...and Thanksgiving. Catching falling leaves, finding acorns, watching the leaves change colors...I love autumn.
Why? It's so much fun to go there for the day as a family. The museums are free and amazing. You can totally get lost in them and it makes my little guys so happy. So far, it's Washington DC. We'll see as time goes by...
Why? It's my moment alone. My time to meditate. My time to listen only to the footfall of my feet and the in-and-out of my breath.
Why or why not? What are you guys trying to do? Don't you know that I memorized the planets with an acronym and now it's being messed with?? M-VEM, JaSUN P. NO CONFUSING OLD LADIES WITH SMALL CHILDREN! I don't have the brain capacity! And then my poor kids are going to start Kindergarten thinking Pluto is a planet, only to be told their mom is all washed up. Thanks. ;)
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Susie Lipps said: (on Jul 22, 2009)
Susie Lipps said: (on Jul 22, 2009)
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Nov 11, 2008)
Now that's a profile pic.
Sarah's BackBrite: "Coffee"

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